We were on the Radio

Okay, so you kind of missed it. That’s our fault. We totally should have let you know about it before, rather than after. Sorry. But yesterday Regina Donour, Headwaters president, and I were on WMMT’s “Mountain Talk,” with Mia Frederick of the Letcher County Emergency Response Network, Paul Miles of the Letcher County Emergency Management Department, and Stan Osborne with a whole bunch of his friends (okay, colleagues) from the Pine Mountain Search and Rescue Squad.

We talked about emergency preparedness and water safety, and because I was the last to speak on any given issue, people stole my talking points a lot. But that’s okay – as long as the point was made, it didn’t matter who made it. Anyway, Mia promised to put up the recording of the show as a podcast today. And here it is!

So anyway, we hope you listen, learn, and like.

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