Updates on the Diesel Spill from the Division of Water

As of 4pm on Monday February 14th 2011, the report by the Division of Water on the diesel Spill in Whitesburg goes as follows;

The tests have proven positive for diesel being in the North Fork of the Kentucky River.

The initial report to authorities was made by local citizens who reported an odd smell in their water.

The Division of Water reported that there was an Environmental Response Team testing the area on Sunday February 13th; further results will be available on Monday.

The results of some tests have concluded that the amount of diesel is at 1/2 the concentration of two years ago when there was a similar spill in 2009.

The contamination was traced to 1/2 a mile from the water source at Childers Oil in the Pine Mountain Junction.

The Whitesburg water system is currently under a consumer advisory (toilet bowl use only), and the advisory will be lifted after two tests on the water show no diesel contamination.

We will provide further information as it becomes available.

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