December 13, 2010

Headwaters Inc. is a non-profit organization in Letcher County Kentucky with an operating board composed of professionals from various communities in the county. The organization began as an entity to promote the interest of water resource management and water quality in the area. Headwaters promotes partnerships among volunteers of the Kentucky River Watershed Watch, Big Sandy Watershed Watch, Upper Cumberland Watershed Watch, students of the local high school, community members and leaders, and governmental officials of Letcher County. Our mission is to improve the watersheds in Letcher County thorough community education, access to accurate and timely water-quality information, and encouragement of a sense of personal and community responsibility to care for our waterways. Headwaters was organized as a corporation in 2005 and later gained 501(c)3 nonprofit status in 2008.

Good water is a vital resource for the health of the environment and the survival of all living things. Headwaters Inc. feels that it is important strives to keep the public informed regarding all issues. The organization of Headwaters Inc. has a bright future and the growth within the last year has been astoundingly high. Within the last three months the momentum of projects has increased an incredible amount. Headwaters has garnered the attention of both its local constituents and its regional environmental affiliates, with its local campaigns on water quality and its vision for creating a better community through education, hard work, and commitment to enhancing awareness and promoting ownership by the citizens who live on the water.

As a grassroots organization, our mission is to improve the watersheds in Letcher County by educating the community, providing accurate and timely information, and instilling a sense of personal and community responsibility.

We value a sustainable community who’s members are respectful, are knowledgeable and support;
– A healthy environment and economy through community self-determination and commitment to a strong work ethic.
– Empowerment through public access to accurate information.
– Honesty, Integrity and engagement among citizens and our representatives for the betterment of our community.

We envision a community where citizens are committed to and take responsibility for clean water and a desirable environment necessary for a thriving and diverse economy based in responsible business and local investment.

Board Members
Evan Smith – President
Tarence Ray – Treasurer
Regina Donour – Secretary
Roy Crawford
Eric Dixon
Tom Sexton
Herb E. Smith

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  1. Bob Edwards on May 6, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I am chair of the Steering Committee of Upper Cumberland Watershed Watch and I am trying to rejuvenate our efforts in Harlan and Letcher Counties. Please contact me or Loris Sherman. She is the president of UCWW and a biology professor at the Somerset Community College. (loris.sherman@kctcs.edu)

    We appreciate having information about UCWW on your website, but it needs updating.

    Bob Edwards

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