2007 Watershed Watch Sample Dates

Wanted to let people know and mark their calendars for 2007 Watershed Watch sample dates. Big Sandy Watershed Watch hasn’t announced their dates, that will be decided in April, but the following are the dates for Kentucky River (KRWW) and Upper Cumberland (UCWW). Remember your training allows you to cross basin lines so consider sampling in more than one basin…

Posted by Evan Smith, OSM/VISTA

Sample Dates

May 5th UCWW e. coli
May 19th KRWW herbicide/pesticide for new sites and nutrients for East KY

June 29th/30th KRWW Synoptic Pathogen (fecal coliform in East KY)
July 14th UCWW e. coli
July 27th/28th KRWW Pathogen Retest (for sites failing Synoptic)
June 29th-July28th KRWW Focus Studies (three extra samples to generate GeoMean data for DOW stream assessment)

September 14th KRWW Heavy Metals
September 15th UCWW e. coli

East Kentucky Trainings

April 7th Whitesburg, KY

more dates upcoming…

if you’re interested register on one (or more!) of the following websites.

Kentucky River Watershed Watch website

2007 Kentucky River Watershed Watch Schedule

Upper Cumberland Watershed Watch website

Big Sandy Watershed Watch website

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