Since my term as OSM/VISTA expired, I’ve been behind the scenes (at times not in the scene at all.).Lately though I’ve been thinking that we are quite close to reaching the critical continuity/mass necessary to tie together various Letcher Co. water projects and have an overall sense of PROGRESS.

I think that when we pull back and look at where we are, the temporaries setbacks, delays, and frustrations seem like less of a big deal and we can see that we are putting water/sewer infrastructure in place, we are better understanding our waterways, we are cleaning things up, and we are generating the funding and organization to perpetuate these things.

Not to say we have it figured out, but I feel good about where we are while recognizing that we have a never ending supply of work to be done. I know this will last longer than my lifetime!

So here’s a pic I took about a month ago of water pipe about to go in on Little Cowan. This was in early Spring before the trees had leafed out. May this be another reminder (along with the previous posts by Sam) of the good news that’s coming out of the head of three rivers.

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