Radio Show about the Whitesburg Water Crisis

WMMT 88.7 FM has a great recording of an episode of their community news program, Mountain Talk, about the recent Whitesburg Water Crisis. The program brings together the Mayor of Whitesburg, two local restaurant owners, a Letcher County Central science teacher, and two Letcher County Central students.
This show gives details about the public notification process, the testing process, as well as some insights about the the vulnerability of our public water supplies and how that we as a community need to stand up against environmental degradation.

I suggest this to anyone interested in local water issues as well as the related issues about how communities respond to environmental emergencies and problems with our public health notifications systems.

The Head of Three Rivers gets a shout out from Regina Donour, science teacher at LCCHS, whose Investigative Science class did some great work in helping students have the opportunity to get involved. She speaks about how her involvement with Kentucky River Watershed Watch and PRIDE helped to quickly integrate the crisis into the classroom and how this event shows the need for a grassroots approach to watershed protection and cleanup. The students, Autumn Owsley and Josh Collins, also sounded great and reminded me that the intelligence and action of our young people is cause for hope.

The link below will take you to a page where you can either listen online or download an mp3 version.

WMMT Mountain Talk About Whitesburg Water Crisis

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