KRWW Water Sampler Training on Saturday April 16th

Headwaters Inc and the Kentucky River Water Watch will be hosting a Water Assessment Training Workshops, Phase I (Grab Sample/Field Chemistry) Training, on Saturday, April 16th from 12pm to 4pm. The training will allow us to extend our work in volunteer watershed development in the coming years and help Kentucky overall in their watershed development goals. The training will last four hours and provide participants with the skills take water samples on local watershed focus sites. At the conclusion of the training participants will be licensed to conduct these trainings for two years, on behalf of the Kentucky River Water Watch and Headwaters Inc. The Spring and Fall water sampling events are scheduled for;

  • May 13 & 14: Spring Pesticide Sampling Event (new sites)/Conductivity and Field Measurements (existing sites)
  • July 8 & 9: Summer E coli Sampling Event
  • July 29 & 30: Summer E coli Re-Sampling Event
  • September 10-12: Fall Low-Flow Sampling Event (for chemicals/ nutrients/metals)

Sampling events only happen during the two spring and fall seasons per year and all samples can be taken to Headwaters board members to be transported to the testing sites.
If you are interested in participating in this event, we would LOVE to have you.

Please RSVP to, you can also call Clary Estes at 606 634 8669. This will be the only sampling training in this area, all others will be located in the central Kentucky region.

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