1 Gift, 2 Times the Impact, 3 Headwater Streams

Celebrate the holiday season and the end of the year by giving to Headwaters during the current matching opportunity. Throughout the month of December, every contribution will be matched until we reach $500. This is a great way to double your impact and support watershed improvement efforts in the Big Sandy, Upper Cumberland, and Kentucky River watersheds.

Over the past year, contributions have helped to:

  • Carryout watershed and macroinvertebrate education
  • Remove litter from the North Fork
  • Collect Kentucky River Watershed Watch stream samples
  • Organize the Big Dip Redux
  • Build local and statewide partnerships
  • Represent Letcher County at statewide watershed events, and
  • Make strides in watershed planning in Letcher County

These efforts align with the mission of Headwaters to improve local watersheds through community education, public access to water quality information, and promotion of personal and community responsibility to care for our waterways. Stewardship of headwater streams not only benefits local communities and ecosystems but all those downstream as well. To have safe and healthy waterways, headwater streams must be cared for and protected.

It is your support that allows Headwaters to do this meaningful, community-based work. Our organization certainly appreciates your involvement and support!

Please click HERE, to give.

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