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Several Headwaters members participated in the Kentucky River Watershed Watch E. coli water sampling event that took place on the 12th and 13th of May. The significant rainfall during this sampling event was a major factor, contributing to higher E. coli readings at some sampling sites. While this sampling event served as a good indicator of E. coil values during rainfall, the levels will greatly differ from one sampling event to the next. The variance in sampling results is one reason it is so important to sample streams every year or multiple times a year.


The results for Letcher County streams are as follows:

Site #     Stream Name                                   E. coli Result

802         Pine Creek                                         360 cfu/100 ml

1151         Cram Creek                                       290 cfu/100 ml

1243        Long Branch                                    <10 cfu/100 ml

756           Sandlick Creek                                <10 cfu/100 ml

1143         Dry Fork                                              770 cfu/100 ml

803         Cram Creek                                         340 cfu/100 ml

1152         Cram Creek                                         770 cfu/100 ml

801           North Fork Kentucky River       2,920 cfu/100 ml

1185         North Fork Kentucky River       3,440 cfu/100 ml

850          Crafts Colley Creek                         1,400 cfu/100ml

In order to gauge the significance of results, E. coli concentration standards are listed below:

Below 240 cfu/100 ml – meets swimming standard

Between 240 and 2,400 cfu/100 ml – exceeds swimming standard

Greater than 2,400 cfu/100 ml – greatly exceeds swimming standard

All results have been compiled by KRWW and are available on their online database. On this database you can also find a more detailed description of the sampling site locations along with results from previous years.

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