Tap Water Testing

Headwaters is proud to announce we will be partnering with the University of Kentucky’s Center for Appalachian Research in Environmental Sciences, UK-CARES, on a tap water testing project in Letcher County! We’re looking for 5-10 volunteers to participate in this pilot phase. Tap water testing will be conducted by Headwaters, free to all participants. Headwaters staff will conduct home visits to obtain samples – volunteers will not have to collects samples themselves, or bring samples to staff. We’ll test for bacteria, lead, and disinfection byproducts, a small subset of a larger number of contaminants that could be in the water. All test results will remain confidential – we’ll only share results with residents. Participants will have their name and address recorded, but no other information will be collected. We will be conducting tests through September 15.

Learning more about water quality throughout the county is important for planning infrastructure improvements and for making us more aware of the water we drink, cook, and bathe in. We’re very excited to help Letcher County residents get more information about local water quality through offering these tests! If you’re interested in having your water tested, please send us an email at team@kyheadwaters.org or call 606.223.8442.

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