Incident Report from the DOW 2-28-2011 “Foam in Water”

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Incident ID = 2324392

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Incident Description Report

Back, Robert
2/22/2011 12:00:00PM

L ead Investigator : Wastewater

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Clary Estes with Headwaters Inc, called to report an unknown substance generating large amounts of foam in multiple locations in the Whitesburg area.

Location Description
1.) Bridge @ Wal-Mart
2.) Near Post Office @ Pine Mountain Grill
3.) Mayking Fire Dept.

Received By Staff Received Date Dispatch Desc
Arrington, Brad (50958) 2/22/2011 2:47:55PM
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TelecomP arameter CAS Quantity Units

Other Substances :
Organization Name Org ID
Division of Water 1725
Division of Environmental Program Support 22974
Media Impacted
Surface Water
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Incident Description Report
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On Tuesday February 22nd 2011 I responded to a complaint of what appeared to be soap suds on the Kentucky River in the Whitesburg area. I spoke with Todd Adams of Veolia Water and as a precaution the water plant was shut down. I arrived at the water plant at approximately 3:00 PM and began the investigation. At that time I located an area directly downstream of the intake and below the dam where a soapy substance was churning in the river. I began tracing the substance upstream where It was noticeable in many different areas. The suds were traced up the river from the water plant to and into the town of Neon. At this point I started checking the side hollows and streams in the area. After further investigation nearly ever stream and side hollow from Whitesburg to Neon had small amounts of the same suds. The source of the suds appeared to be a combination of a 10 day dry period and then sudden onset of heavy rains in the area. As I returned home from Whitesburg I noticed Rockhouse Creek contained the same suds as the North Fork River. I informed the water plant they could restart the plant and monitor the intake and plant closely for any signs of contamination. No further action necessary.

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