Jenkins KY Incident

Headwaters has  gotten reports of a potential chemical spill in Jenkins, Kentucky.

There have been substantiated reports of foam present in the stream and a major fish kill. Headwaters volunteers went to one of the reported sites, Smokey Row, and saw 4-5 feet of foam in the stream, however residents reported that prior to our arrival, the foam was at twice that height. The foam was also blowing into the streets and residential areas.

The Division of Water received reports on the incident and has dispatched the state Emergency Response Team currently at another site in the affected watershed, however they have no updates to report as of yet. The Division of Water incident number is 2330577. Headwaters will be working on the situation as it progresses and will to post further information at If you would like to contact us with further information or to request information, we can be reached at (606) 634-8669 or at


The Division of Water has reported: Officials with the Department for Environmental Protection’s Emergency Response Team were notified of the Jenkins suspected spill and inspected the site Tuesday evening.  They could not determine a source for the fish kill. Surfactants (detergents) were suspected but not confirmed.  Jenkins city officials placed boons around the affected section of creek, but these broke loose during an early Wednesday morning storm. Approximately 100 dead minnows were observed at the site.


Division of Water Actions Taken:


17:00 – The City of Jenkins notified ERT of a fish kill in Elhorn Creek. Approximately 100 minnows are
reported dead. The creek has a gray color and there are soap suds.

20:30 – Robert Stidham reported back that he observed dead minnows in approximately 1/2 mile of
stream. There are suds up to 4 feet thick in places. He several potential facilities, including a concrete

plant and some hydrocarbon drilling operations, but found no evidence to identify a source. Further
investigation will be turned over to Division of Water. Emergency Phase ended.

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