What do the citizens think about this third diesel spill? The writing is on the wall.

“My skin is on fire after taking a shower and I could smell it. If you live in town DO NOT USE THE WATER!”

“Diesel has contaminated the Water supply again…. Source has not been determined yet as of this time. This is NOT the water company’s fault, it’s the fault of who ever spilled the diesel in the river…….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!”

“You can smell the diesel in mine also. It is really a strong smell. I have heard nothing about not using it either. We have a right to know.”

“We know who’s fault it is and since nothing has been done in the past why should it change now. He don’t care he will pay his way out of it while we are the ones that are put out daily.”

“I’m boycotting. I refuse to drink water from someone who thinks its ok to poison us. What are the hospitals and nursing homes doing? Why aren’t we more angry?! This is an outrage!!!”

“How do they expect our children to go to school when they can’t even take a shower in this water. I mean face it those of us that are used to taking a shower everyday finds it pretty hard to bath, wash our hair, and brush our teeth in a gallon of water. This is ridiculous maybe Anna will see this and close the schools until the water situation is fixed.”

“last night I took a bath in water tainted with diesel fuel; this morning I washed dishes with it. thank you Letcher County.”

“Dear Don Childers and Jim Ward, thanks for not letting Whitesburg know that we were drinking diesel injected water all day. After consuming it and allowing my two month old puppy to consume it, I really respect you all as leaders. The puppy has an upset stomach, and if she gets any sicker you can bet that you’ll hear from me.”

“So far, it sounds like YET ANOTHER Diesel spill… Way to go.”

“that’s it. I am beyond angry! Whitesburg is under a “No Contact” advisory! Diesel Fuel has been leaked into our water AGAIN! Three times in very recent history this has happened. I am so disgusted.”

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