Redbud Raffle

On March 5th, Headwaters participated in the local Career Fair for 8th grade students at Southeast Community and Technical College. During this event, Headwaters sponsored a tree give-away where students entered their names into a drawing to win a redbud sapling.

As part of this give-away, students learned about the important role trees play in the riparian buffer zone and the overall health of our streams and rivers. When rain runs off the land it picks up pollutants like oil, fertilizers, and excess soil. Riparian plants, like the redbud tree, filter the pollution carried by water run off, preventing it from entering streams and rivers.

Thanks to the Kentucky Division of Forestry, Headwaters was able to acquire 10 Eastern Redbud saplings to give away to students at the Career Fair. Students from four local middle schools were the lucky winners of the saplings. Hayley Neice, Selena Sexton, and Danielle Taylor were the winners from Cowan Elementary School. Kevin Johnson, Dawson Rodriguez, Caleb White, and Landon Rose were the winners from Fleming Neon Middle School. Tyler Yeary was the sole winner from Whitesburg Middle School. Finally, Ryan Banks and Creed Mullins were the two winners from Arlie Boggs Elementary School.

With each sapling, students received a handout about the importance of trees to stream health and instructions about planting and caring for redbud trees. We hope all students enjoy their redbud trees!




THANK YOU to all our Letcher County 8th Graders who learned about Headwaters and participated in the raffle!

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