University of Kentucky Backyard Streams

The University of Kentucky has recently developed a new website called Backyard Streams. The website is designed to help people care for streams near their home. More often than not, residents are unclear about exactly how to care for a backyard stream and the surrounding property. The information and resources on the website answer many of the common questions surrounding stream care and help residents care for streams, protect property, and improve water-quality and stream habitat.

For those interested in caring for streams, protecting stream-adjacent property, and improving water-quality and aquatic habitats, a free stream stewardship course is available and accessible through the website. The course is made up of 12 modules and with the completion of the course, a Backyard Stream Steward Certificate is awarded. For individuals interested, but unable to participate in the course, helpful information regarding stream management is also found on the website.

With so many of our Letcher County residents living along streams, this information is especially pertinent. Be sure to check the website out and share these resources with others so we can do our part in making stream stewardship practices common knowledge. As always, contact team@kyheadwaters for local assistance in caring for Letcher County waterways.

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