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Watershed Coordinator Position Description

Headwaters is seeking to hire an individual to serve as a watershed coordinator for a grant-funded project.

The Headwaters watershed coordinator will:

  • Build upon current relationships with community members, stakeholders, and project partners.
  • Work closely with the Headwaters board, project partners, and Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) to continue work on a watershed plan for areas near Whitesburg, Kentucky that flow into the North Fork of the Kentucky River (the watersheds of Crafts Colly, Sandlick, and Dry Fork).
  • Lead the development of community-based environmental restoration projects in the area.

The specific duties of the watershed coordinator will include:

  • Leading community education and engagement efforts, including community forums;
  • Performing project management and grant administration functions such as budgeting, reporting, and grant writing for any future phases;
  • Being the primary contact between KDOW, Headwaters, and project partners;
  • Attending and participating in training for education enhancement;
  • Carrying out the lead role in writing the final watershed plan;
  • Coordinating Best Management Practices following watershed plan finalization; and
  • Grant writing.

The watershed coordinator will be responsible for organizing, hosting, and attending community meetings, workshops, and other relevant events to gather input and share information with community members. As part of these efforts, the watershed coordinator will edit and develop necessary engagement and education materials. With programming and events, the watershed coordinator will work to promote the watershed plan and awareness of local water quality issues and solutions.

The watershed coordinator will lead day-to-day project activities for the Clean Water Act ยง319(h) funded watershed planning grant and perform other needed duties. This includes grant administration functions such as invoice preparation, reporting, budgeting and necessary grant writing. Other duties will include attending watershed coordinator meetings throughout the state and relevant trainings related to watershed improvement and management.

Finally, in collaboration with Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute (KWRRI), KDOW, and Headwaters, the watershed coordinator will lead in writing the watershed plan. The watershed coordinator will finalize Background Information and Watershed Characterization and be responsible for writing the Best Management Practices Implementation Plan and Long-Term Plan for Success. The watershed coordinator will collaborate closely with KWRRI for the Data Analysis and Interpretation chapters. The Headwaters board, KDOW, and KWRRI will offer significant assistance and oversight in the writing and compilation of the watershed plan. With completion of the watershed plan, the watershed coordinator will lead in the implementation of Best Management Practices.

The following qualifications and skills are preferred:

  1. A four-year degree in a Natural Resource field or two years of equivalent experience
  2. Written and oral communication skills
  3. Familiarity with grant writing
  4. Environmental education experience
  5. Knowledge of water quality issues, land use issues, and watershed planning a plus

The position is based out of Whitesburg, Kentucky and ideally the candidate will live and work in Letcher County with knowledge of local communities and watersheds. This position is part time (30 hours per week expected). Headwaters will contract with the individual to provide the needed services for $600 per week ($31,200 per year).

To apply for the position, please send a cover letter, resume, and two references to team@kyheadwaters.org.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The anticipated start date is mid-July 2019.

For more information, please contact team@kyheadwaters.org.

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